02 November 2012 | 15:35
Julia Lipnitskaya:
"Real Assad is the same, as in the TV"

The debutant of Senior "Grand Prix" Julia Lipnitskaya began on Friday the performances in a champion series from winning the short program, ahead the twice world champion and the main favourite of an Event Mao Asada, the special correspondent of "SE" Elena Vaytsehovskaya transfers from Shanghai.

- Julia, a year ago you as surely acted in the JGP Ffinal in Quebec and surely won it. Now for the first time in life you are in an Senior Event of GP. Is the difference in feelings?

- No. Unless the combo (3Lz+3T - E.V comment.) I jump now better.

- Really didn't worry at all?

- And what for?

- After all the first serious start, a lot of the audience on tribunes, Mao Asada in one locker room...

- Asada, by the way, just the same, as in the TV. Nothing special.

- That is for you at all has no value with whom to compete? You come for the first time on so serious competition and you do not look around at all?

- Why? On ice I look around very attentively. To not to face with somebody.

- And why after skating you were so obviously dissatisfied with scores?

- It seemed to me that scores for pure skating could be higher. I, at the beginning of October in Finland on the Finlandia Trophy, had "-2" for the combo. Thus total score was 64.05. And now 63.06.

- And how it was possible to execute elements, you are happy?

- Yes, it is absolute. Everything turned out how I wanted.

- I know that at the beginning of a season you had quite serious problems with a left foot. Now injured foot didn't disturb?

- Let's tell so, the doctor and the masseur made for this purpose all possible.

- It was necessary to potter much?

- It was necessary...