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    Quote Originally Posted by SkateFiguring View Post
    Adam tried to help Nan up but Nan waved him off because he couldn't get up. I think Adam came around twice. But the situation was serious so medical help was needed and provided.

    It was an accident, which is actually not uncommon.
    Quote Originally Posted by gmyers View Post
    In crashes I've seen before its very normal for the skaters not to hang around if one is on the ground. And also for others on the the ice not to go near them!

    ITA re those who have responded to wonderlen's comments about Adam. Look closely at the video of the collision. Even as they fell Adam was holding onto Nan both protectively and also preventively to avoid Nan and himself being hurt in the fall. Nan was hurt before the fall when their heads unavoidably bumped together. Actually, I think Adam's forehead hit into Nan's jaw. You can see the impact in the slo-motion video which shows both of their heads jerking back violently after the impact. At least by Adam holding onto Nan and trying to break their fall, Nan's head did not impact the ice which would likely have been a serious disaster. As it is, by Adam placing one hand on the ice to further break the fall, he could easily have broken his own wrist. Fortunately, he didn't.

    Adam immediately jumped up and held onto Nan's hand and tried to assist him onto his feet, but Nan clearly held up his hand and shook Adam off, as he held his face with his other hand. It's quite clear that Nan was woozy and in pain. If he hadn't been badly hurt, he would likely have allowed Adam to help him up, or got up by himself. Adam came around again to check on Nan I saw in a longer video clip, prior to attendants realizing Nan was seriously hurt and going on to the ice to assist.

    I thought it looks like Adam who came around again, and also another skater, possibly Voronov.

    Actually, no, I see it was Voronov who skated by to check with Nan just before attendants came onto the ice, and then Voronov and Adam both skated nearby with concern, as the attendants helped Nan off the ice. Obviously, Adam knew that Nan had immediately waved him off in any case when he immediately tried to assist Nan to his feet. Yes, it's an unfortunate accident, hopefully with no serious consequences.
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