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Don't understand all the hating towards K/S. Granted they had some problems yesterday but they are more than capable of getting a world and olympic podium. I really enjoyed yesterdays performance, it had a lyrical style and built to a nice finish, there is no doubt they have improved since 2010. It's a real disappointment that there Clare de lune programme never received a worlds medal but errors they made in the short in both years cost them.
Of course they are capable of getting a world and olympic medal. The requirement for that is one of the top 3 messed up badly.
Say, P/T and V/T skate the skate of their lives. S/S mess up, K/S skate clean. K/S would be in 4th. Just like in Euro 2011, where their clean skate couldn't beat S/S's messy skate where the girl S was just standing around picking her nose for the entire spin.

If all skate clean, they aren't going to be anywhere near the podium.

Had they delivered in 2010, their PCS would not suffer so much.