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Definitely one shocker of the season for me was the fact that both Tatsuki Machida and Takahito Mura won Grand Prixs, but Daisuke didn't. Who would have predicted that Japanese #4 and #5 woud win a Grand Prix and Daisuke wouldn't?
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...thanks to the stupid federation assigning their own Worlds medalists to the same competition...
If they hadn't done that, maybe, just maybe Daisuke could have won TEB...then we would still have had six different GP winners but all to have qualified to GPF, which is very rare to happen, I would believe.
It wasn't just his federation's doing - the FFSG wanted both their seeded guys at TEB and the JSF wanted both their seeded guys at NHK.

Also, Takahashi didn't skate all that well in either GP, including the one that did not have a fellow Worlds medalist. He has a good but not great GP record; he's won both NHK and SA for a total of seven wins in a ten year career, but no other GP events (that includes the GPF). Oda, OTOH, has fewer wins but has won four different GPs and in less time than Dai. Joubert has done a similar number of GPs to Takahashi and also has seven wins, but he's won 5 different GPs plus he has a GPF title in his record.