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Evan and Jeremy are both 27. Daisuke is 26 (27 in March). If Evan comes back , he will be ready to compete and will do just fine. Has he announced his withdrawal from Nationals yet?
Dai was always a much more talented and better skater than Evan. Had Dai not been injured in summer 2008, all of Evans titles in 2009 and 2010 would have been Dais instead. Last year Dai was skating at a level that would have crushed Evan any year, but unfortunately Patrick Chan was in the way. Dai has been competing full time since Vancouver and is still close to his prime. Evan has not competed in 3 years and has been frequently injured so if he ever comes back will be clearly well below his prime (which was never that great a level as far as actual skating, or nearly good enough to compete on the World level today with all the quads and improved artistry of the current men vs the lame L.A and Vancouver event anyway).