First thread?????? Well, Ma has the first woman senator to send to the senate ever from MA. It took til 2012. In 1984 Geraldine Ferraro was the first female VP candidate. It did not happen again until darah Palin ran in 2008, Both unsucessful bids. There is a huge need to turn leadership from testosterone driven to estrogen with a touch of testosterone. We do not have enough women to change the tenor of hatred in DC and break up the old boy network. Scott Brown, not a bad guy is conceeding. I can't imagine anyone much craes in the US tonight here about FS or GP assignments.

I am surprised to find no political threads and very little how are the NJ and NY people voting. Please people, tell us what is new and historic in this state of yours. It seems it will be an all nighter with the Presidential election. All I know is Republicans must take Ohio to win, and every Repub Prez that has won the whitehouse, has taken Ohio. I guess that means Bush I and Bush 2 twice and Reagan and Nixon since the 70's Who am I missing?

I imagine many others around the world watch the returns with great interest. I beg God to return, as we in the US are in trouble. We are no longer the leaders in the world in anything, and we have lost our moral compass that lead the world in ethics, and the dream of a middle class where most do well, and few are rich and few are poor. We have lost what made us the dream country to live in, and others take our place. The winner will have 16 trillion in debt, a fractured in half electorate and a DC divided and vitriolic-more than any time in history. I was hoping for a resounding beating of the Koch funded tea bagger millionaires that took cotnrol in 2010 and blocked all compromise, all legislation to help the middle class. They seemed to hate this president so thoroughly and it was obvious his skin color was a part of it. Sad to say, but so true. I was surprised at comments four years ago. We have a not so rich lawyer up against a very rich lawyer with an elevator in his La Jolla garage. He has done well at debates and gotten many confused, fed up folks to give him a chance. He may win...electorally he is ahead with all the swing states seemingly swinging. He was my governor and he flip flops like crazy and he scares me as I do not know who he is (right now -today even_. Obama may not be exciting anymore but he has been consistent on the issues, when he takes a stand. B for honesty but C for leadership. He tried to conciliate and he seems to have not believed the caucus who said in 2008 to the cameras-"we'll do what it takes to get him out," And they have done it all. We will see. I am not staying up all night. Any exciting news from your state-like first time female senators? That gives me hope. When you educate a woman, you change a family. Hillary, I wish you were not retiring. She has been among the best stateswomen of all time. I was surprised then proud. Women unite!

Until we get back three words on our goods we have a poor, sad future.

"Made in America" from paper clips to clothes, to commodities.

I still see the youth do not get it. Mfg is not old 's for the masses, as high tech is for the few. May God Bless America and weigh in from your state if your are bored of the topics in the edge...not much going on there tonight. Women will change the world because we are about love, more than power. It is a shame so few will wander into the political fray which is so dark at present. If there is a God, we so need him now, regardless who has the crown for 4 years. Amen.