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Thread: Spin Positions - Favorites/Least Favorites

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    Spin Positions - Favorites/Least Favorites

    Viewing threads after competitions, I can see that people have clear preferences on some spin positions.
    So, why not talk about/see everyone's opinion?

    1. Plain Camel position with spread arms: Looks like a clean, elegant flight on the ice.
    2. Scratch, Corkscrew/Crossover: With so many variations, it is a joy to watch.
    3. Death Drop: Thrilling entrance of sit spin.

    1. Donut spin: What I really don't like is that crushed position during catch foot.
    2. Mushroom: This position hardly looks pretty, and almost always slows down the speed.
    3. Pancake: Skaters look so uncomfortable and stiff in this position.

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    Hate the "butt" spin!

    Love camels, scratch, laybacks

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    I love the Yu-Na camel and I'm so happy that she's using it in both the programs this season! And, I don't know how to call it but I love this sit position (, when your head is close to your knee, it looks really elegant and soft, if it is performed correctly, but when the leg is bended (see Leonova) it's awful! I don't really like the broken leg spin and the sideway, but I love the "classical" layback position with your arms over your head (

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    the Candle Spin aka Julia's

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    In ladies, my favorite spin is a beautiful classic layback position. Angela Nikodinov had a lovely layback spin, as have many other American ladies. Ashley's layback is very nice. Other favorites include Michelle Kwan's sit spin (the best I've seen) and Mao Asada's one-handed Biellmann spin. I also love the final combination spin in Mirai's long program this year.

    In men, my favorite spin this season is the combination camel spin Patrick Chan does in his long program. I love the simplicity of it, the fact that there's no other positions thrown in there. As to other men's spins, Stephane Lambiel's headless spin is forever etched in my memory. Also loved Todd Eldredge's sit spins back in the 1990s (great position) and Paul Wylie's sit spin as well (great musicality/positions).

    In dance, I love all of Davis/White's dance spins. They do the fastest, crispest couples spins I've ever seen.

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