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Never been a B/L fan, and Bazarova looks so frail, but this program is really nice for them.
On a different note, is anybody getting tired of the mirror skating requirement in the pairs' SP's? Wish ISU would ditch this--I don't see what it's supposed to prove.
I am bored with mirror skating. In most cases there's not much artistry. I miss the old style unison a la Rodnina/Zaitsev, in particular, step & jump sequences combining double/single jumps with steps in between. Pairs were doing it in G/G era too. I enjoyed watching the unison and energy generated by the two skaters. These days some pairs even attempt 3 Lz and 3x2x2 in LP (something even Mao finds difficult to accomplish). But I don't get any esthetic pleasure seeing it.

Regarding B/L, it's interesting to hear the reaction of Franca Bianconi on Raisport when their score was announced. She wasn't expecting that score and what she said then was not exactly flattering...