We are living in a different time and figure skating is not as popular as it once was. We often forget that he is only 21. If you only read this forum you would think he was a horrible skater, severely overmarked.

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No, you are wrong. I'm a fan of FS, not skater as not an expert. But I watched the Fs in my whole life. I can see Chan's glide on ice, but something is missing. Charisma? I don't know....I believe you, that Chan is great in PCS. But I have a question..he is two time world champion, why he hasn't more fans in the world?? /I don't speak about Fs forum members, i speak the layman people, but i think here are layman people too / Like had/ has Browning, Yagudin, Plushenko, Lambiel, Dai???? Why?? I think, this is a very important question...his most fans are in North-America, but the rest of the world don't go crazy for him..Why?