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    Okay, guys. Let's go back to the competition itself, shall we?

    I have watched all Mens SP thru bigger TV screen and they turned out much better than last night.
    Programs as whole, I really liked Gachinski's, Chan's and Kozuka's. Yes, they donot emote enough yet nor reach to the audience just yet. However, they at least try to do so and try to show their new style from what they were last season. I like that.

    My big applause of the night goes to Zhan Bush.
    He still skates like 'mini Plushy', but he indeed has improved from what he was at 2012 WTT this spring where I first saw him skate live and he exactly did skate like a junior skater. He may have loads of work to be done to become one of top skaters. But in this particular SP he skated like a senior, not a junior anymore. Kudos to him and his coach Urmy!
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