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Thread: 2012 Cup of Russia Ladies' FS

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    Quote Originally Posted by R.D. View Post
    Zawadzki unfortunately does not have the same fire in the FS that she has in the SP. I think Lipinski may have pointed this out(?) and she is right. But I suppose her main focus is mainly to stay on her feet- the rest will take care of itself in due time.
    Agnes had a pretty good free skate. But I think she needs to pick up the speed. She looked noticeably slower out there than Gracie, Kiira, and Kanako. More speed will help her sell the program more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan
    I have seen Agnes' live, even when she skated clean, she was slow. She is tall, so it appears to be slower. Her skating skill across the ice isn't so good. Her jumps were good. Her level here weren't good. She did herself in and scored lower than she should be able to. Agnes apparently haven't bothered to find out how to fix those problem. Doing gypsy music doesn't mean you are better at interpreting the music for gypsy.
    Watch those two doing their step sequence and you can see the difference in skill.
    Quote Originally Posted by kwanatic
    Agnes: She should have had Kiira's score. Huge jumps, tons of speed, great spins, loads of energy...she was undermarked.
    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan
    Girl, you need to watch it again. While there are several kind of speed, I'm very sure agnes and the speed you're referring to have never met.
    Great spins? She just got a level 1. CCoSp1
    Quote Originally Posted by kwanatic
    She appeared to be moving with a lot of flow and speed to me...she definitely wasn't slow.
    It's strange, but some people think Agnes is fast. I can't stress it enough, watch it again if you're unsure. This girl is not fast, has never been fast.

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    I have missed the first half of Grand Prix series, so CoR was actually the first competition of the season for me to get to see top skaters' new programs on TV...only mens and ladies as usual, though, since regular TVs never broadcast other disciplines unfortunately; dance and pairs in my country (except NHK Trophy)...

    Congratulations to Kiira, Gracie and Agnes!

    Here is my impressions of Ladies Free:
    -I really liked Korpi's, Gold's, and Marchei's free programs as whole. Helgesson's, too. Korpi and Helgesson were far above everyone else in terms of skaitng skills. Kiira is ready to finally get onto the Worlds podium. Good luck to her for the rest of the season!
    -Liked Zawadzki's, too. Rapsody program suits her personality very well. Gracie's L is B is well-choreographed and also age-appropriate.
    -Kanako and Adelina need some more of maturity to put off that kind of music/program. They look much better in different costumes, maybe? To Kanako: have some makeup lessons asap, p-l-e-a-s-e.
    -As for Choreo sq, Murakami's was the best for me. Korpi's was great, too.
    -Very sad to see Alena's disapointed face after SP and LP in front of home crowd. Her new programs, both SP and Free are a bit of letdown after such a very successful last season. But not her fault, I would rather blame it to Morozov.

    My biggest surprise from this comp was Valentina Marchei!
    I love her programs this season, as well as her a bit toned-down makeup and costume . She looks more matured and elegant on the ice.
    Last season I did not see, I thought, any improvement from Valentina and Adam as far as skating skills/stroking/gliding was concerned, even though they were actually coached by Yuka and Jason. But this year, I have seen it in Valentina's skating and her programs. So kudos to her and her coaches!

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