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... Most lady skaters before the CoP era would not be able to skate to the technical standards that CoP requires. That alone would have doomed their scoring ability. In terms of sheer jumping ability, while it may appear there has not been any progress, how many of pre-CoP jumps would have passed the quality tests now enforced by CoP? I'm guessing not many....
I'm not getting this point of view. You can't dismiss or downgrade skaters for not following rules and incentives that didn't exist when they were competing. IMO, most of the top lady skaters from the pre-CoP/post-compulsory figures days, certainly had in them the ability to pull off the jumping and spinning the CoP now seems to favor. Of course they would have trained differently, but so what?

I'd like to turn this around: how many top CoP skaters are able to skate programs that are as musically and artistically coherent as those of top pre-CoP skaters? If you judge "levels of ladies skating" in terms of how many magical moments that have been produced under CoP, I'd say we're going backwards.