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Skating is too subjective. Most of the time, I'm baffled by the PCS some skaters received. I don't understand why inflated GOE were given to some skaters but not others. The judging is completely wacky. No one say pageantry is a sport, do they?
Subjectivity and real sport are two parallel lines.

If they have PCS in gymnastic, Shaun Johnson would never get that many Gold and Silver medals. She would be the Denney/Coughlin of figure skating. Someone like B/L would win medals even when they fall 5 times on the balance beam. Their execution would be 9.7 and their base value would be 5.2. Shaun's execution would be 4.2 and her base could be 10 and still lose.

For soccer, they regularly file complaints and inquiries, correct? And people have been complained about the power of referees for years, so it wasn't a controversial-free sport.
Exactly, a sport as popular as soccer is haunted with countless number of controversial decisions by referess. Still it's popularity seems unaffected by it and people don't question it as a sport everytime there's a problem with judging. Therefore Figure Skating must not be disconsidered as a sport. Yes, in soccer there are complains sometimes but do the decisions about results get changed? No.