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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post
    The funniest ones in this story is judges who seem like always thinking that they are smarter than anyone else. But the audience in Megasport, with "faint applause and scarce ovation" as someone put it, knew, as well as other fans, that he skated clean because he skated safe. Having and therefore not-having elements of super difficulty must resulted in components. No need to give abnormal PCS for doubles jumps. When did we last have a GP winner in Men who didn't even bother to jump 3A, the element that has been in this field for the 4th decade? Wonderful.
    I'd use the word "expertized" instead of "smarter", as it has a closer meaning to discribe the judges in this situation. Are you laughing at the judges thinking they are experts? For your information, they are. The judges are much more expertized than you and most of us are. So it has boiled down again to this: Are you arguing that the results should go with the audience preferences?! After all, this is not a popularity contest!

    Frankly, I don't even know what you are arguing about Patrick? Because the audience didn't have a standing ovation, so Patrick shouldn't get this score? Because Patrick did a perfect quad combo and a quad, but failed to deliver the 3A and a couple of triples, so he shouldn't get this score? You want his PCS reduced to the point that you could accept? That might be the point that other people could not accept. It all depends on whom you are rooting for. It's great that figure skating didn't take the vote from the audiences but from the experts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Poor Patrick. If he tries hard stuff and falls, critics holler and scream. If he scales back and stays on his feet, critics holler and scream. His next strategy will be to attack all the hard jumps, no falls, but hold back on the intricate footwork and moves in the field. (Remember, you don't have to be perfect, just better than the other guys.)

    Actually, I think this will be Chan's strategy for the Olympic season. He started out dazzling us with his quick feet. Stage two, learn a quad. Current stage, push the tech to the background temporarily to work on artistry and performance. Next year he will skate a simpler program, but concentrate on delivering the full tech content without major error. We'll see how it all plays out.
    Great! Math, are you implying that Patrick has been leading the way all those times and continuing to lead the way of figure skating? Geez, no wonder!
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