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What a shame that this forum doesn't have a signature option. I would take this quote for mine as Chan ubers' motto about their opponents.
Gorshkov sounds more sober and realistic than Piseev. Today he said to media about the tough situation in Men's field of Team Russia. The reason of which is the 5th Olympic event- Team Trophy. He said it's quite obvious that it's better when two different skaters compete in Team's and Men's, for this Russia needs two skaters. Also, the participation in the Olympic Team event will be based directly on the results of Worlds-2013. So, again a strong skater from Russia in London is required: www.team-russia2014.ru/article/6164.html . Plush actually never said that he will not go to Worlds for sure. He always says something like "we'll see... it depends.. decide later...". No one really expected that such situation would come. And the poor skating of Artur this season is also not much of a hope. The team for worlds will be set after Euros, Gorshkov said. So it's quite possible that Plu will go. I personally think that the second spot should be get by those who lost it- either Gachi or Voronov, since they will be getting it for their possible Olympic medal in Team's. Why should Plu bother to do their job. On the other hand- I don't want him to skate in two Olympic events at his age. Well.
Interesting words from gorshkov. it would be best to have an option for the men's event. That seems like common sense. Sure menshov is doing the best now even though voronov actually has a gp medal. Hope voronov can keep it up and redeem himself.

Also it's true plushenko is not exactly no no no it's more of a hemming and hawing.