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Now that I've seen all programs from the Zoueva group, I actually feel a bit angry. It seems clear that once again, V/M got Zoueva's best effort by far. Meryl & Charlie and the Shibs got the leftovers, creatively. There have been rumors for so long that Marina favors V/M, and I am now more inclined than ever to believe it. I think D/W and the Shibs should at least give some serious consideration to another coach next season.
I could not agree more. Marina is starting to make really good teams look really bad. The past two seasons the Shibutani's have not made any progress. NONE! Instead they are slipping backwards. When I saw Davis and White FD at Skate America, my first thought was "What the hell is this". I could not believe she gave such a great team a program like that. They performed the hell out of this program, but it does not fit them at all. And the music cuts are so abrupt and awful!

On the other hand she put every ounce of her being into VM Carmen program. This is quite obvious. The problem is VM are not good enough technically to perform such a program without it looking labored. It's just too much going on there.