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I certainly thought that Fledermaus was one of the best, most evocative routines I'd ever seen, and I continue to think so. But now that I've finally seen V/M's Carmen, I'd put it up there among the great works of ice dance art. I guess you can design only ne of those in a season. (Most choreographers can manage only one in a lifetime.) Wow, wow, wow! For one thing, I love the parts of the music that she chose, including the Flower Song. I also love that both skaters wear all black, instead of having Tessa in the more cliched red. She looks eye-poppingly gorgeous in black. (Heck, Scott looks eye-poppingly gorgeous in black.) This Carmen, along with Die Fledermaus, is an artistic experience.

That one-armed candlestick lift...oh, my word.
I have seen so little skating this season - schedule not permitting to watch much. But, I did want to say that I really agree with you here! Last year, I think because it was Tessa's first year supposedly pain free and healthy, I just rooted for V/M the whole season even though I didn't love their FD music - I 'got it' and appreciated it a lot intellectually, but didn't feel it emotionally the way they seemed too (and perhaps other fans did). It wasn't until after worlds that I really let myself re-watch D/W's FD, which I did love all season. And after the season, I just felt so strongly that their FD was just simply the best and I do wish in hindsight that they had won Worlds with it (and this is just IMHO, not trying to start a fight....just saying that i really, really loved it).

That said, and repeating that I have hardly watched any skating this season, I have rewatched V/M's Carmen from Skate Canada and Russia a number of times and I am just so, so, so taken in by it. It is remarkable - again, imho.