My dream podium, that means I can be as much subjective as I want and it has nothing to do with a real prediction

Men: I definetly want Daisuke to win but I would also like Hanyu. I love Fernandez programs and it will also be nice to see a european on podium. I also like Kozuka and very much Machida (Lambiel is a genius). I already said it, this I also like a little bit of Chan. So it's hard with only 3 places. But: 1. Daisuke, 2. Hanyu, 3. Fernandez

Ladies: When I first saw Akiko's LP on youtube, before she presented it at JO I said :"I want her to be world champion this year!". I don't like her SP and until now it wasn'tvery well received by the judges. But she is a late bloomer, so I think at world she will look much better and consistent than now. I don't know about Yuna and Carolina, if they are coming or not. I like both of them but this year I want some new faces on the podium. I think I would like 1. Akiko 2. Ashley and 3. Kiira and Mao and Gracie around the podium.

Pairs: I don't know yet, Tatiana and Maxim were my fav but I didn't like the way they won at CoR. If they win worlds then they should skate clean just because they can and have far more better programs than the germans (and costumes!!!). Than I really don't know, have no favourites.

Ice dance: exactly the opposite, I have too may favourites: Tessa&Scott, Kaetlyn&Andrew, Nathalie&Fabian, Anna&Luca, Madison&Evan and I also like Meryl&Charlie's SP but they were never my fav. This is hard: 1. Tessa&Scott 2. Nathalie&Fabian 3. Kaetlyn&Andrew and the rest around the podium.