One year before the Olympics, we are seeing lots of rising stars this season. For them to catch up with the world elite skaters with experience, they must have good choreography, because there are things come only with time, experience and maturity.
I was wondering how to buff up Gracie, Liza, Julia, Agnes, Kaetlyn...
When I look at Elene this season, David Wilson's choreo on her SP is a genius job.
The same Wilson was brought to Japan long before he became famous as a choreographer by Machio Yamada, Kanako's current coach.
Talking about Kanako, she is using Marina Zoueva since last season, and improved a lot in interpretation of music.
Mr. Mishin made two programs for Liza, one by Wilson and the other by Tom Dickson, just to see which one will suit her this season.
A while ago, not yet known Daisuke had a beautiful program done by Tarasova.!

So I think, it's time for Gracie's team, and others to consider who will be a good choreographer.
And what do you think, who will be good for which skater?