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Thread: NRW Trophy 2012. Dortmund, December 5th-9th 2012.

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    Well very best luck to you on the basics or ice dancing and whatever you pursue. Thanks for sharing nice stories with Yuna, she sound like a pretty down to earth sensible young lady who doesn't behave like a Superstar, which is pretty much how I'd imagined her to be.

    Yup, can't go wrong with Adele One of my country's biggest exports!! Her art is real, comes from the heart, especially the early stuff like Rolling in the deep, so I am sure someone like Yuna would appreciate it a lot.

    I didn't realize Essen's rink was still so cold and no heating, but it is nice to offer a bit more privacy for practice I suppose. In a way I am glad this intimate and basic setting provided her an ideal ground to do the comeback from almost ground zero (temperature too). It is all back to basics now for her including her coaching situations and how she mentioned she want approach her skating from a humble place just as a member of the Korean national team. As a Yuna fan, I really want to thank you guys for taking such good care of her in Germany. I heard it was the German ladies's champion Nicole Schott's father who volunteered to picked her up from the airport, which is just an extraordinary act of kindness and rather symbolic I thought. How cool!
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