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Thread: NRW Trophy 2012. Dortmund, December 5th-9th 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TarAncalime View Post
    3F ...yep I forgot to tell that Yu na also landed several of them cleanly in practice.....all of her jumps are flawless if she is on form;-9 at one point I really thought she jumps up to the ceiling of the rink,-)))) At the rink there is a small ice rink to practice as well...we call it the "Freezer" because it has a low ceiling and is very cold;-9 they normally play a kind of curling there....Yu na would not be able to practice there, she would ram the ceiling by jumping her triples.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    Change of edge was short on the flying camel
    The jump didn't count
    I counted the change of edge and she made it close to three rotations, which is more than she needs to have it count. Maybe the technical caller felt she didn't sustain the position long enough (it kinda drooped near the end). As for the jump, I'm not certain on the error (was the jump not high enough? does she need to be in a better tuck position in the air for it to count?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by os168 View Post
    Heh funny observation about her jumping practice and it is sooo true. I took this during the rehearsals. Despite the blurry cam, the height still looks a bit insane to me.

    By the way, I forgot to tell you that Yuna has coached the special olympics skaters before just like you (She was appointed as an ambassador of the volunteer team for special olympics a while ago, who trained with the young special Olympic athletes at the rink. Obviously they adore her, and call her big sister), so you two have something in common and it is no wonder her delight to with finding out Essen is a special Olympics practice rink

    Anyway it's cool that you were so forthcoming sharing insight on behind the scene that leads to the critical 7 minutes on the ice in Dortmund. Clearly that Ginger Lemon Tea with Honey did the trick on Saturday. And....maybe if she had the same on Sunday, she could have cleaned her FS!! ... you never know! With those Butterfly/Mosquito effects ... one things can lead to another!!

    Anyway.....wish you the best with skating, medical therapy, and training the special Olympic team. I can't say I am familiar with Adult Interpretative skating, but it sure sounds much more enjoyable than the FS programs of the singles category if they are truly free, cares about the musicality and expressions, and not being a slave to the COP this and that etc. I'd love to check out some examples on youtube when I have the time.

    (BTW, funny story about Sting, I once ran into him in Siena, Italy during the Palio race years ago. I am not often star struck, but I was that day. He doesn't know who I am obviously, but was kind enough to nod back, waved and smiled. Very cool guy... big fan for life. I think he has a house near there.)
    Yep, you got it...she jumps so high...amazing technique indeed;-) and she has the best edges in the world in ladies singles. She could do ice dance as well;-))) soo great to. I was raving about her again in our rolelr skating practice today to my coach...;-)) she is a solo dancer on skates and has the best technique herself there and loves ice skating as well. She teaches well...still corrects my cross rolls...still not perfect those. Thats the spirit...#

    IMO Yu Na Kim will be present at the Special Olympics in Seoul then...she must be! I'll tell the girls on Thursday so that they know and really it will be a treat for them! amazing that coincidence..if was one...I think that kerstin our coach just knew what she did when offering rink time to Yu na's team...

    Yep, who knows whether the tea did the trick on Saturday! perhaps she is now hunting ginger lemon tea back in Seoul....;-))) I am sure they stock it in a shop!

    Interpretive skating is really something different...the fun in competing is shown instead of bickering etc which is so often present in competitions all over the can spoil the atmosphere for everyone there....BTW, today I met somebody from Perth, Australia who is staying for a year in Wuppertal and does ice skating as an adult skater and joined our group today...his ksating is very good. His occupation is a crane driver and in Germany he works as an au pair,-))) Talk about interesting combinations...I told him about Yu na Kim#s skating in our rink he was most impressed.;-))) I'll have to ask him whether he knows this board, and whether he likes to join. I could imagine that there arent many adult skaters in Australia....he wants to do the workshop for adult skaters in Oberstdorf in 2013 too, so thats not just me wanting to do that which is great...perhaps we can find some more people and rent a flat together then accommodation wouldnt be so expensive......

    (I met Sting twice, he signed my copy of Broken Music in Berlin in 2009, and also I shook his hand after the soundcheck to the Labyrinth concert in 2006;-))) there you are;-) his house is in Figline Valdarno (or near it) and he often is in Siena et al...I have been to Tuscany as well, wonderful area with good wines....Sting has good taste in everything and, yep he a cool guy)

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