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IMHO, the decisions that Czizny is making regarding continuing her competitive skating career at her age, with her body issues (hip), her injuries, etc. are delusional.

She is DONE. Problem is that she exhibits no signs of accepting that she is a head case whose body is now too old and too damaged to sustain her through the training she needs to do to be competitive and improve, and be a consistent skater with difficult technique.

Czizny, Flatt, Nagasu and Zhang are all American Ladies Competitors who need to RETIRE from competition, skate to make money to pay their families back something, become independent and leave the sport with dignity.

Czizny has a college degree in languages from the age of 18 - 19 or something, but does not appear to be interested in anything except skating until she embarasses herself REPEATEDLY. Her trying to make a "come back" this year is lame and pitiful.
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