They should give the spot to Kaetlyn Osmond. Seriously, I know that sometimes it is strategic and that the USA want to maximize their chance to get a spot to the GPF, but it is not fair to let Alissa Czisny in the group and call a WITHDRAW in the last minute.

Even if the U.S. wants to protect their skater for the Grand Prix Final. Kaetlyn Osmond will be there at 4CC and Worlds and the USA will be forced to compete against her anyway in the future.

Giving the spot to Kaetlyn Osmond instead of Czisny would be very interesting and politically correct because in the competition, NHK, will determine the best ladies who deserve the GPF and will confirm the showdown : Suzuki vs Osmond. After this challenge of Osmond, we would see if Osmond is really better than Suzuki in a second times.