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Thread: Czisny Suffers Another Training Setback

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaginaryPogue View Post
    I've also heard it mentioned that Polina Shelepen WD early enough to allow Nagasu to get the spot providing that the US Federation doesn't WD Czisny. The extent to which you believe that is entirely dependent on the extent to which you want to, imo.
    I love the idea that Osmond is such a threat to Japanese, American and Russian skaters that the Japanese fed is afraid to have her skate at NHK!

    Not saying that I necessarily believe the above conspiracy theory. But the idea of big bad scary Osmond tickles. Hope it further ups her cred with the international judges.

    Quote Originally Posted by drivingmissdaisy View Post
    I doubt this is the case. I don't think any federation is afraid of Kaetlyn at this point, as she has only skated one good event internationally. And I agree the USFSA isn't that calculated, especially when they can't even properly manage their own athletes' condition.
    Two, if you count Nebelhorn, where Osmond beat Sotnikova.
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