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Olympica, Remember those long beautiful spirals by MK? Now they take up too much time and get not enough points. And look at all the injuries.....
Yes, I remember them by MK, her inside outside edge change became the iconic move she was recognized for al over the world. Then Sasha did the perfect extension with her gumby body, the charlotte-stole MK's moves and then added spins and moves done by every female skate in every skate. So many just look done too quick and clumsily. Sasha was really an innovator for the famous and now so over used I spin and that spiral where she leans pack and extends upward the free leg. She is one of a few who look graceful doing it. Her toe points were the touch. Such perfect positions. Ah, an artist who fearedthe jumps.

zWell, Alissa has beautiful moves on ice and this was the right move for her. I think we all expected it, and I think it should have come earlier. When she could not do a little at a show, I think she should have withdrawn. My question is---is the time for NHK to give another skater a shot?