In your hypothetical, Chan wins. That simple. Hanyu has a few years to catch up on his presentation. Like it or not a clean or mostly clean Chan is going to beat Hanyu. Javi has more finesse, Dai has the PCS scores when he has the jumps. Hanyu is a baby, and count on Patrick to peak at Worlds and work his butt off to get gold. If he doesn't skate the best, he won't ever do worse than siilver. WC's are judged with more generosity that young pups. Gold might blow Akiko away, or Mao, but a lot of judges and the small skating community want to see the veterans pay off. Hanyu is all over the place in his FS and stamina is and will be a huge issue. If Patrick starts jumping consistenly and even relatively clean, he is really in another league. A s for men, Kozuka is a threat, Dai and Javier if the jumps are there but being from Spain does not help. I see more Chanflation, but let us be honest, Patricks skating skills are the best in the world. Jump consistency is his bigaboo. If he skates like he did at CoR, he is close to unbeatable. Evgeni Plushenko whould just stay home at age 30. Hanyu will be king when the current group all retire after Sochi, but Patrick is far more polished, as is normal considering he is 4 years older. I think I am objective. I'm no huge Chan the person fan, I'm not Canadian or a memeber of his Chinese support group. I have really hated a system and the favoritism that gave him wins with so many falls, rotated jumps or not. But he is the best when on and I can imagine how muchmore consisten at landing quads and triple axels he might be. This is key going forward. He is unbeatable on the ice right now. . I am clueless why he has no jump coach. This is key to his future succes and Sochi gold, IMO. It makes no sense as this is the coach he needs, not a modern dance coach...WTH?