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Thread: Can Chan beat Hanyu if both skate their best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctor2014 View Post
    But if you talk about judges’ favorite at Japanese Nationals, that has never been Hanyu. On the contrary, the poor kid was quite lowballed at last year’s Japanese Nationals: almost all men and ladies got a PCS boost at the 2011 Japanese Nationals compared to their PCSs at international competitions last season. Hanyu was one of the few exceptions and he received lower PCS at the Japanese Nationals. Daisuke received 86.90 in PCS when he fell 3 times in the FS, and Kozuka received 81.50 when he fell once and missed his combo. Hanyu OTOH skated lights out and only received 79.00. So in your opinion, that was how the JSF treated their “favorite” Hanyu?
    Quote Originally Posted by Niki2012 View Post
    Only in your eyes, he skated lights out. Hanyu fell 3 times and visibly was out of gas and had no stamina left to do choreo step. 79 is way too high.
    Quote Originally Posted by Niki2012 View Post
    As for 79 on the PCS, I was talking about his fs performance in SA not World.
    What? Obviously I was talking about neither SA nor Worlds. I was talking about the 2011 Japanese Nationals, and I made that as clear as possible in my post #47. There should be no way for you to be mistaken and reply to me about Hanyu’s FS at SA.

    Your posts are ridiculous not because you have an opinion. Almost all skaters have been called overscored or inflated by one or more posters on this board. Calling a skater overscored is not necessarily ridiculous. Your posts are ridiculous because you made false number up and spread rumors continuously. If you want to bash a skater, then at least get the facts straight.
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