Well, here I am defending him again. I wish I could find the interview but sometime during or immediately after US Nats this year Johnny spoke to his relationship with the USFSA. He had met with members of that group during Nationals to discuss a possible comeback and was encouraged to come back to figure skating in the US because it was felt that he would be a crowd pleaser. I do believe the USFSA realizes they've lost significant support from TV and the viewing community and need something to get it back. And whether or not you like Johnny he does create interest. I think many on this board are alot more technically adept than I am. They know the ins and outs of the judging system and can take a program right down to the nubs, dissect it from every angle. While I have great respect for that kind of knowledge, I'm your average figure skating fan with a modicum of knowledge from watching it for over 30 years. I may know a little more than the average person sitting in an arena but certainly nowhere near the knowledge that exists on this board. I say that because I watch figure skating for the enjoyment of it. I also tend to believe people until proven otherwise. Johnny isn't in figure skating for anything other than an extreme love of the sport. Yes his costumes are flamboyant and he's "original" but he isn't the only gay skater in the world. If his programs are simple or don't have the other elements that some of the top skaters have - so what. It will be reflected in the scores. But a well-skated simple program will probably beat a poorly skated program full of two-footed quad jumps and spins with eleventeen positions. I think the average figure skating fan enjoys watching Johnny skate. I think he creates interest because of his flamboyance and costumes. But I honestly honestly don't think he's lying about his injury. Call me naive..........but that's what I believe.