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Thread: If you could change one thing about Figure Skating, what would it be?

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    If you could change one thing about figure skating, what would it be?

    Here is a new interview with Oleg Vasiliev. It reads:-

    A well-known Russian coach Oleg Vasiliev told why people lose interest in figure skating and leave the stands.....“What is interesting there if skaters without two jumps, two throw jumps and with not well executed lift gain 130 points, showing the best result of the season? You should agree that there is something wrong.” he continued....“I understand people who went out from the stands after the appearance of new judging system. They simply no longer understand figure skating. Judging is currently inadequate to skating"..........“At the time, the old system 6.0 was criticized for the fact that it lacks concreteness and judges were not guided by certain criteria. Now they have a criteria but the essence remains the same. This applies to the second mark for the components and also to the rather biased approach in technical part.” the coach noted.
    I agree with Vasiliev. If I had a magic wand which I could use to change one thing for the better in relation to figure skating, it would be to get rid of COP/IJS and bring back the 6.0 system. The introduction of COP/IJS has without doubt been the biggest factor behind the decline in figure skating. And Vasiliev is right, COP/IJS has not got rid of the political bias, the inflated scores that some skaters get for their PCS, the undermarking of others, etc. No marking system can ever eradicate political bias and what was most ludicrous about COP/IJS, was the assertion that it could. However, that's just my opinion. Hence, if you could change one thing about figure skating which would improve it for the better, what would it be?
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