If I could wave a magic wand, I would just wish that figure skating were more popular overall, and that more people could develop an appreciation for it, including the nuances such as different jumps, spins, lifts, etc. I just love this sport and wish more people loved it too (in an intelligent way--not just a "that costume is nice" or "I like that music" kind of way). When I see the reams of ink spilled on other, IMO lesser, sports, and the incredible amount of commercial and media attention they receive, I just wish skating could have even a fraction of that interest and attention.

On a more practical level, an immediate change I'd like to see is readjustment of spin levels/criteria/points in IJS. Lately I feel like everyone's spins look the same and have the same positions, which is just boring. And although everyone is doing very difficult spins, not many people really do them well. I'd really rather see a simpler spin done well than one with six changes of position but done poorly.