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Thread: If you could change one thing about Figure Skating, what would it be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by avalyn View Post
    Thanks for the welcome, and thanks gkelly for explaining! I thought if the layback was fast enough and in flawless position throughout (which is probably pretty difficult to do), it might could get a high level, but I see that more features are necessary.
    The way the system is set up,
    Levels are based on adding extra difficulty -- always based on the number of features performed.

    Grades of execution are based on quality.

    So you're right that skaters can earn more points by spinning faster and with more attractive positions, but those extra points would come from the GOE, not from a higher level.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slowdive View Post
    I'm confused about forward and backward laybacks.
    A forward spin is one that rotates toward the leg on the ice. E.g., for a skater who rotates counterclockwise (toward the left), as most skaters do, a forward spin is on the left foot.

    A backward spin rotates away from the leg on the ice. For a counterclockwise skater, that would be on the right foot, spinning to the left.

    In general backspins tend to be more difficult, and especially in the layback position.

    Almost all laybacks you've ever seen have been forward spins. This is especially true in the required short program layback, which doesn't allow a change of foot.

    Occasionally skaters go into a laid-back position on the backspin foot as part of a combination spin.

    Here's a rare attempt at a backward layback (layback position in a backspin to earn the "backward entry" feature as well as the change between sideways and layback feature.

    If you happen to know ballet terminology, forward spin = en dedans/inside pirouette; backspin = en dehors/outside pirouette.
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