It isn't clear from the front page of icenetwork, but if you poke around in sectionals coverage, there is the above page which has links to a lot of interviews. So far I've listened to Jason Brown talking about starting learning the quad, his improvements in landing the 3a, and his love of ballet and banana bread, with Ross Miner about his coming trip to NHK and about training with Christina Gao, and with Davis & White about heading out to Japan and about their Egyptology class.

The interviews are a little random, and are conducted by Tonia Kwiatkowski & Sarah Hughes.

Here's the list on the page so far:

I don't know whether you have to be an IN member to listen to these.

• Doug Webster
• Ryan Bradley
• Meryl Davis and Charlie White
• John Kerr
• Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre
• Carol Heiss Jenkins
• Emily Hughes
• Sinead Kerr
• Ross Miner
• Jason Brown
• Ashley Wagner