I hope Ashley wins gold, dont care about silver and bronze- Liza T and Polina K? I don't know.

men? I really hope Joubert skates great as a vet in his home country... i think Florent is amazing at footwork and just speeds around...I am always happy to hear of people who lucked out in adoption so his back story has my heart and he is entertaining and flashy. Lots of personality-remindes me of crazy Philippe long ago. Since it is france, I hope they skate great and get a little home turf points. Abbott is skating, yes? I hope he has a good competition. It would be a dream to see him do his LP like he prctices it. I love the music and he seems to love it. I hope he makes bronze at least.

Pairs, well V/T seem a lock without S/S as Aliona may be too sick with the flu I just read. Hope radford/Duhamel make the podium too.

I don't know which ice dancers are in, but Pechalat/Bourzat seem likely.

This is more a wish list than a guess as I haven't looked at who all is competing that closely.