FIRST I hope ur all back online, and safe. NJ and New York are in my fervent prayers. I am wondering if new York is safe to travel to for a woman alone. I can take the bus into Central station then cab to hotel. But what hotel? Is everything working? My city had 1 watermain break yesterday and it shut down water in all city now we must boil water another couple days for toothbrushing and pets etc or just used bottle water. So I cannot imagine when or if Atlantic city rises again-we are not getting enough coverage really on reg stations. Hows everyone doing?

I want to go to NYC because I need a respite and it has theatre, music, etc. The holidays are very hard for many- So I the city back up, dredged out and functioning? I also want to know where/what hotel or area is safe for a woman with a cane alone. So many hotels, there should be deals right now as many want to avoid NYC. Are there any suggestions from New Yorkers? It seems heyand and Olympia and a few others are new yorkers?

I would like to be central, not far from theatre district of lincoln center. I will see what I can find a tix too. This will require packing uber light and knowing where I will be safe-looking for a bargain-a clean 2star hotel in safe area

If you have any ideas on how I can visit the city soon-or is it a good idea at this holiday season. I would take subway if not too long and concierge/desk gave explicit help. Are cab rides outrageous? What is a 20 minute ride cost for example?

This may be a terrible year but Boston hotels are very expensive-it seemsNYC would have so many more options given its pop of 10 million and the city with hugest tourism in US.

Any help so so so appreciated. May God please bless NY and NJ!