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Thread: Wishing Danielle Montalbano a speedy recovery!

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    Wishing Danielle Montalbano a speedy recovery!

    Danielle Montalbano (Pair skater from ISR) broke her fibula, shattered something else and tore a ligament in a freak accident during training yesterday. She will be having surgery on Friday. I wish her all the best!

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    Oh, no! another pair bites the dust.

    That sounds like a pretty serious injury---they'll be out for the season. Too bad!

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    Oh, that is bad news... And things were finally looking up for them after a good performance at Ice Challenge. I checked and on her Twitter she says it's an ankle injury, and 6-8 weeks in a cast. I'm sure they want to go to the Olympics and this is going to be a real setback, I hope they'll still be able to qualify.

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    Horrible. Though her team was not a real threat for a world medal still horrible.

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    That's so sad. They really looked very good at Ice Challenge. I hoped they'll be back in shape by Europeans, but it doesn't look good if she has 8 weeks in a cast to endure.

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    Hope she gets better soon!

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    Euros is the goal...She was able to come back from that shoulder dislocation at Euros a few years ago to skate at Worlds that year, and the doctors told her she wouldn't- I have a feeling she'll bounce back....I certainly hope so!

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