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The real issue here is not operational but rather political, if I may say it plainly.

Clearly, JSF doesn't want Osmond in NHK for fear she could take away a GPF spot from a Japanese competitor. By Japanese standards, such act is considered cowardice but then, JSF is not known for their honor. Normally, people show some deference when Skate Canada makes requests because it's a good idea to be on SC's good side.
Are these two different ideas or two ideas that are connected? Because honestly, I'm having trouble determining whether the second sentence is only connected to the first or if they are all grouped together. Because by not kowtowing to SC, wouldn't that not be cowardice?

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As an international relations student, it makes perfect sense. Actors do what they must to maximize their utility. I doubt it was AC, but USFS that decided to wait to anounce. In doing this and by making sure that JSF does not need to replace, they can increase the chance that Gao/Wagner need less points at TEB to make the GPF. In addition, as stated, it is completely logical that JSF would want to have their skaters who have a chance to qualify in front of a home crowd, Asada and Suzuki, have as big of a chance of doing so as possible. Finally, I am sure that while it has not been clear to the public, skating feds around the world have noticed that an up-and-comer won her GP debut over the likes of Suzuki and Murakami with quite a lot of PCS which some have argued was clearly inflated. Whether they have the proof to say this or whether or not they are concerned about having SC on their side, they may just want to avoid confronting that and instead use political maneuvers to ensure their skaters have the best possible chance at the GPF and that Osmond is out.
I like how well thought-out your post is. I honestly would have never thought of having other federations come into play. But as this does happen in the world every day in the world today, it makes sense that this would happen on a smaller scale as well.