Really happy to see K/S take the victory but it was close, low on the TES but rightfully much higher on the PCS. They have a great piece of music, which builds and builds to the end. If they can get the SBS jumps nailed this could see them back on the worlds podium, I wonder should they switch from the 3T sequence to a 2axel sequence and then have a solo 3T?

Found the Canadians a bit dissapointing, great technichally but little in the way of presentation, they could have skated to any piece of music. Enjoyed the Italians more in the short but this was a nice performance. I feel that S/K were very hard done by, I would have had them 3rd, love their lifts and throws and apart from teh 1axel it was a pretty good programme. They were marked down on TES so maybe they missed a few levels.

Great performance by the French team, it will be interesting to see how they fare in the Europeans. Maybe a Top 5?