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Nobody in elite skating has "no transitions", certainly not Dai and Hanyu. Not Joubert either.
I'm sorry but I can hardly see any transition at all (here litterally) in Joubert's SP. Threes or mohawks at best. (just took the time to rewatch it : three threes, mohawks and one toe pick thing).
After, "no transition" it's a way of saying almost no, surely everybody is able to but something here and there but I tend not to consider pre/post-racking-point-jump-transitions as transition but as difficult jump variations. Also Joubert's flat edges/no speed "transitions" and toe pick work are not really transitions either for me. Too easy, no edges involved.
Now that you say it, I remember at least one eagle from Hanyu ! I'll see japanese guys again (maybe) at NHK and my memory will be refreshed.