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Um sweetheart, please don't take that condescending "I know more than you" tone with me. Agnes does have nice speed and skates with ease across the ice and just b/c you don't think so doesn't count for much. Your favorite skater was Rachael Flatt so that's a good indication of what you base your opinions on. You've seen Ashley live...well congratulations, I guess that makes you the authority on the matter. Were you in Paris when she skated this weekend?

If you disagreed with Ashley's marks that's fine. I thought they were justified as do many others on this forum; others disagree and like I said, that's fine. But your jibe at me about "knowing nothing" was uncalled for and rude.
I've also seen Ashley live -- at Skate America. I will grant that she doesn't have blazing speed (nor is she super slow), but she DOES have is an amazing power and presence. You could sense her energy even as she was warming up.

I would think that presence would merit good marks in IN + PE, which lookie here, are her two highest PCS components at TEB!

Macassar88 WAS at TEB, so I'm hoping that he will reveal his thoughts in due time.