Could we please dedicate a thread preferably here or if it must be-one in the TEB folder and do that for all events. Not everyone is following comps online with live streams and not everyone can read through countless comments to find the poster who usually lists the short results with links if any. Unless you type in the perfect thing, you often do not find the skates posted quickly after the comp. There are 4 discipline so just finding the podium skates can be a chore. I will also post this in the comp thread. Maybe it could be a feature here on out for remainder gp, nationals usa, canada, japan, whatever we have. I appreciate very much those posters who update those final results and links to the performance. Bless you, and I encourage you who are watching live and posting in the threads as they happen to maybe have a results thread and copy the youtube links so people don't have to hunt for those.

Is this a good idea? I think we'd all be ever so greatful. Thankyou GSers. You rock!!!