TEB Ladies and Mens Coverage EST 2-4pm NBC. Then Family Show (as listed on Heather's page) from 4-6 pm EST NBC Check your local listings. I have no idea whose family show---Kristi's maybe? I wish she would still skate-I don't know why she doesn't. I imagine we will see the same folks with kids since the 90's? Anyone know about this show? HMMM Krist has kids, Kulik and Katia maybe with Liza? I'd love to see this kid, she's about 11 and should be quite good with Kulik as her first coach. Eldridge has a baby. Scott of course has quit. Maybe Browning, Jumping Joe still skates. Of course Weiss is likely-it would be great to see Sale Pelletier with son or the Russians like Yagudin. I imagine there will be some regulars people expect-maybe Joannie? Sasha? or Kimmie?

Well any info please post. I hope it is not the vapid holiday stuff. Kerrigan still skates- gee this is 2012 and the 90's folks have a lock on these shows. It'd be nice to see offspring who actually have talent and compete like Liza Kulik. I don't expect to see Johnny, tho family in America is not traditional anymore. I wonder if this is Disson? I wish for pro comps-I hate the same songs-I'm not into holidays anymore. Thank heavens for the GP coverage. I have not seen the men of TEB yet, so...that parts good!