I'm not talking the growing pains of a season that you see, sore muscles, bruises, cuts, etc. I'm talking like concussions and other major injuries.

Why isn't the ISU coming down harder on this? In the NFL you don't get to come back out and play until you get a doctors note saying you are safe and healthy to play. And don't you dare try to hide the injury or you face sanctions! They had three major Quarterbacks last week end up with concussions. Only one is even being considered to play - and at this point it's very questionable.

However we've read reports that skaters are ignoring their doctors and going out and playing anyway. Yeah, it makes them come out looking brave, but we've seen the ugly on what some of these injuries - when compounded - can do to a person.

In the case of the NFL they are employing studies to make sure fewer of these injuries happen - it's a violent sport so they see more of them, but still the NFL, not individual teams, is being proactive in this. In skating, we've seen federations talk about and come down on a skater who skated injured and did badly - but they aren't coming down on them for the right reason (IMO). The NFL is working to make equipment and rules to fit the players to make sure they aren't zombies (or worse) by the time they're 40. I don't see this sort of pro-activeness on a federation level, much less from the governing body. Isn't it something in their best interest for their sport?