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The Russian federation probably feel Kavaguti & Smirnov have already maxed out their potential and are now moving on to supporting others. While I would expect Voloszhar & Trankov to continue to 2018, if they win gold in Sochi (and I think there is a very good chance they will) they might just not, and if they dont they will really need Barazova & Larionov so might as well push to make them a World medal contender now.
B/L overtaking K/S is still I don't get, while K/S may have had their peak its not like they are on a dire need for B/L
they have younger pairs than can be good also technically like S/K whose jumps are not tiiny tiny as of Bazarova's, M/R just needs more experience
they can even pluck one from their younger juniors like F/M