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Perfect unison?!? Not even close on either jumps, see the links. They really only have a great twist and the landing isn't as fluid as it could be, he holds her for a second to long before setting her down. People look at her so much in the lifts they forget about Yuri. She even had trouble landing the throws. They got easy competitions this season. When the judges see them up against the best of the rest, they may not be too giving in the PCS department.

1. V/T (it’s theirs to lose and it’s possible)
2-5 either P/T, K/S, D/R or B/L depending on the day of mistakes
6. MT/M (they will be dead last unless they are better than they have ever been and someone else messes up badly or gets hurt.)
I think it was a poor attempt to be snarky by the poster.
I said B/L had as much connection as two parallel lines.
The poster followed up by saying that means they had perfect unison. The problem with this "logic" is if A implies B, and B is a subset of {B,C}, A also implies C. Clearly, his left side of the brain practiced too many triple twists.