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Also, if Mirai gets 2nd with 179+ and Akiko gets third, then they both are in and Liza is out, I believe. I forgot if highest score or total score comes first in tiebreaker.
I understand from what is written in the current Gran Prix standings that the first tie breaker is place, and the second is the sum of the scores (not the best score). In this case Mirai needs more than 184.16 for this event, thus around 123 for her LP. Hmm. As a fan of Tuk, hope it is not gonna happen.
BTW In recent interviews of Mishin (even after TEB) talks as if Tuk is for sure out of Gran Prix Final, and that it was bad experience for her last year to be in GPF, as it led to the failure in Nationals. I am afraid that she can withdraw. It would be totally stupid I think!