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Thread: Next season: New ladies or return of injured?

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    Next season: New ladies or return of injured?

    I missed Korpi. I admit, she is the Nordic ice queen and I love her outfits. Also a fan-tho she is a second tier fave for me. Is she too injured to return? Has she retired? Who in the junior ranks or brand new seniors do you expect to sneak in> From USA I have hopes for Cesario as she loves to perform -her Carmen was among my fave programs. I love her delicate look, but fiery skating. I hope she steps into the trio to challenge polina for 3rd lady.

    In Canada, I see the charme rOsmond has battled injury, weight gain etc. I like her. Tho she needs new people-wrong music/choreo/costume. Talent and charisma but poor packaging. How do Canadians feel about the other top 3 after Olympics?

    In junior ranks, is there another American to watch? Another Russian? After Worlds we begin anew...sad, excited or just not really interested with yuna Mao, Caro, and more retiring?

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    Ladies: Elena Radionova, Alexandra Proklova, Serafima Sakhanovich, Karen Chen, Polina Edmunds, Satoko Miyahara

    Men: Nathan Chen, Nam Nguyen, Michael Christian Martinez.

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