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I see Scimeca/Knierim as possibly the number one team heading into Sochi and i think they have great potential. They have the look the skating skills and grace and i can see them being able to match C/D with the big tricks.
I hope Knierim's injury does not hold Scimeca/Knierim back from living up to their potential.

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For lcd and anyone else, another little item on the healing front:
John Coughlin mentioned in his July 1 blog that he has recovered 100% from his injury.
(Although this "news" is old, I don't know whether it was previously noted in any other GS thread?)
LOL, did not realize that this mention of Coughlin would get a few responses.

So I have gone back to look up the paragraph from his blog:
I'm 100-percent healed from my big injury that sidelined us during such an exciting season last year. Feeling like my old self again made me conscious of the fact that my body may have been compensating long before pain let me know that something was wrong. It feels so good to be on the other side of that hurdle, but I am more aware now of my own mortality as an athlete. None of us are guaranteed a certain amount of "sport life." It was never in my nature to be a nervous competitor, but this year should be extra enjoyable just to have the gift of training and competition back once again.
http://www.teamusa.org/Team-USA-Wint...-Time-Part-III (July 1)