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YMMV RE: V/M lifts -- I don't care for them personally, but as I said I like the program, so this is not a slam on their whole FD, just the lifts.

As for scoring for D/W, I disagree. 108 is high, yes, but they have scored higher than that in the FD in past seasons (they scored 109 in Russia last season). But rather in PCS, they have more scoring potential in the TES side. Their BV was actually the same as I/K (28.70). They need to get level 4s or at least get rid of any level 2 elements. Their PB is 112. So there's a little room to improve.
I'm not arguing 108 is too high for the skate they gave (and how interesting is it that the team most associated with Shpilband seems to be the one least affected by his exit technically?). I'm arguing that it's harder to score higher PCS when you already score high PCS, and that DF bore that out.