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Good on Mr. P!

Meryl & Charlie's Not Touching Sequences are some of their moves that initially caught my eye, starting with their Beyond The Sea exhibition.

They are always two people, but clearly connected through the invisible bonds of music. I've always found that fascinating.And like the Chinese divers, the coordination is amazing--this year's circular sequence in Giselle & the Bollywood sequence are particularly wonderful, for me.

OTOH, I've always seen Tessa & Scott's most impressive strength to be the quality of their steps in hold, two people connected so that the music is almost coincidental, a background to their personal relationship. This appearance is aided by the closeness with which they skate, and the amount of detail they add with facial expressions and arms, as well as their lovely leg extension.

I'm really enjoying this discussion, by the way.

What I love best in dance is when the skaters connect me to the music more closely, so that I perceive things in the music that I missed before.

Both couples can do that.
I am enjoying this conversation too! Is there a way we can take the posts from this thread and make it it's on thread on The Edge? I feel we've moved beyond NHK Trophy FD at this point.