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    Can anyone enlighten me about why Dai T went back to Morozov. I can't put into words my respect, admiration and appreciation for Dai's skating on an artistic level. But I don't feel like Morozov's programs bring out the nuances of his skating that show him to the best advantage. I love Golden Skate forums because there are many well informed, multilingual posters here. I am hoping someone has read or seen an interview with Takahashi that illuminates his choices for this season.
    I think there were a lot of interviews in summer on Dai thread where his choice to go back to Morozov was explained. He said Nikolai helped him with confidence and could incourage him, believe in himself when it was necessary. As for his progs, it's not Morozov who choreographed them. His SP was done by Abe and his FS was by Bourne. I agree that his current progs are not the same level of masterpieces as his last year's were. But. He had two magnificient progs last season and won nothing (except WTT after/and thanks to booing in Nice). Judges never understood Blues, I think in general they don't appreciate Camerlengo. They are more open to overused music like Boheme, POTO, Aranjues, etc., so it might explain Dai's choice. It's tough for a skater to push artistic boundaries when no one in power wants it . I am angry because we could have got two more masterpieces from Dai this season, like we did the season before.

    This sport is getting more and more into joke. I keep watching it just because my favourites are still competeing (Dai, Plu, others), so I want to supporrt them. After Sochi I might switch into attending ice shows only with my guys. And probably Medal Winners Open where folks with balls compete and judges' games are not that shameful.
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